Partner Induction

Induction for Extra Horsepower

Udit Partner Horsepower.
First Saturday of Month
Starts at 11.00 a.m.
15 Seats
Rs 1000 per team

Technology is changing at a very fast pace and so are the training and development needs of Partners. It helps in grooming partner organisation for the next challenges and keeping in pace with Technological advances . We help partners to identify key development areas of their employees. With proper training and development, the productivity increases manifold. Hence Partner Horsepower plays a very crucial role in entire SaaS ecosystem where we not only make partners grow their revenues but also ensure that their teams are skilled enough to face the next generation tech focused clients.

Learning  and development, which was at some point in time was not given much weightage, is now a crucial part for any company to meet its broad goals and objectives. There are many aspects when partners are identifying training needs of their team members. Firstly, the partners need to identify what set of products they want to focus on as an organisation. Second, is to assess existing skill levels of the team members, and lastly, determine the training gap.

Training gap is defined as the difference between the skills required to complete the job and existing skill set of any particular team member. Partner Horsepower enables partner with both online and offline training modules. We are a long term partner for all our resellers from non monetary perspective also.

We are working with Partner Horsepower since long. As a company, they really have thought of everything. Their platform is so extensive. No matter your marketing needs, they have products that supports it. What I like most about Parter Horsepower is their focus on Trainings, both online and classroom

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Nishant Jain, Co-Founder Aone Site

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